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Escential Essences Incense Sticks

$ 3.25



Escential Essences incense sticks package of 16.

 This is a hand-made incense, premium quality, and cruelty free.

Sold as a curio only, no magical effects are guaranteed.

Chose your scent from the drop down list below

The exotic scent of Dragon's Blood. Magical Properties: Love, potency, protection, purification, keeps away the evil eye.

The classic fragrances of Frankincense and Myrrh come together. Magical properties: Consecration and Healing, temple purity, ancient prayers, blessings.

The spicy, exotic scent of sacred Palo Santo wood. Made with real palo santo oil.

The Warm and Sensual scent of Patchouli, a dark fragrance that is loved by many. This scent comes from a plant in the far east. Magical properties: aphrodisiac, passion, fulfillment, relaxation.

The energizing and uplifting fragrance of Red Ginger. Magical properties: Wealth and Riches, good fortune, inner strength.

Sandalwood is a warm woodsy fragrance. Magical properties: Meditation, consecration, self-realization
A warm, inviting fragrance. Many people love to burn this to celebrate the winter solstice. Magical properties: Hearth and Home, family, security, safety, thankfulness, charity



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